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If you have any other questions regarding the Colorado medical marijuana rules or processes, please feel free to visit the official state website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Amendment 64

How does Amendment 64 affect personal use of marijuana?
New liberties of Amendment 64 apply to people twenty-one or older. People can grow up to 6 (3 or fewer being mature, flowering plants) marijuana plants privately in a locked space, legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and give as a gift up to one ounce to other citizens twenty-one years of age or older. Consumption is permitted in a manner similar to alcohol, with equivalent offenses proscribed for driving. The new policies take effect when the Governor ratifies the ballots, which will happen within 30-60 days of the election.

Can anyone 21 and older enter a medical marijuana center when the Governor ratifies the ballot?
Although the new policies take effect in 30- 60 days of the election, the state has made it clear that local government will not have retail stores up and running until January 2014. Amendment 64 allows people 21 and older to enter a retail store and not a medical marijuana center.

What is the difference between a medical marijuana center and a retail store?
A medical marijuana center and a retail store are two different things. The new legislation does not apply to medical marijuana. All medical marijuana laws, patient rights, caregivers and centers will remain the same. Therefore, obtaining one’s Colorado medical marijuana license to enter a medical marijuana center will still be required.

Does anyone need his/her medical marijuana license anymore?
Because retail stores will not be available until at least January 2014, any qualifying patient wishing to purchase marijuana will still need to possess a Colorado medical marijuana license. Also, anyone wanting to possess more than an ounce of marijuana, legally, will be required to possess a Colorado medical marijuana license. Finally, patients 18-21 years old will only be allowed to possess marijuana if they obtain their Colorado medical marijuana license.

*Please note
Marijuana is still federally illegal! There is no telling if and what the federal government is going to do about all of this. Colorado medical marijuana patients can find some comfort in the fact that the federal government has been tolerant of most medical marijuana processes thus far.